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Russell Kun, DC

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Dr. Russell and the staff at Evergreen Chiropractic & Wellness Ojai offer physical therapy in addition to chiropractic care services. The facility serves residents throughout Southern California, including those who live in the Ojai area.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy provides numerous benefits that will help a patient heal faster. An injury or illness can be debilitating, draining a person's strength and making it difficult for them to regain their health. When a person suffers an injury or illness, it can be days or weeks before they can move the affected area. This means both strength and mobility may be lost. A doctor will recommend physical therapy sessions to help the patient gradually regain the strength, mobility, and the range of motion that was initially lost after the diagnosis. When physical therapy is included in the patient's treatment plan, the recovery time can be shortened as the patient begins to regain their strength.

How can Physical Therapy Benefit a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment helps to bring the musculoskeletal system back into alignment. When physical therapy is included in the treatment plan, the exercises included in the session are specifically chosen to help the affected area regain strength and improve mobility. As part of the healing process, physical therapy not only strengthens the muscles but also helps to improve circulation and maintain a level of flexibility that may be lost if the patient is inactive. When physical therapy is used in conjunction with a chiropractic adjustment, both the muscles and the skeletal structures of the body are supported, encouraging the healing process and removing obstacles.

How Long is Physical Therapy Needed?

Physical therapy sessions are scheduled for as long as the patient will benefit from them. The purpose of physical therapy is to help a patient regain their strength and move through the recovery process as smoothly as possible. If injury results in minimal damage to the body, only two or three sessions may be needed to help the patient fully recover. If a person is healing from a prolonged illness or traumatic injury, physical therapy may be needed for several months to allow the person to heal properly. Each person heals differently. If a person was physically strong prior to the injury or illness, the physical therapy will help them to regain that strength quickly and efficiently.